Topics for Presentation


A variety of presentations are offered as speaker engagements for one time events. They normally are crafted for 60 to 90 minute programs but the time can be adjusted for particular needs. Other topics are offered upon request. Those listed below are the most frequent topics that are presented. Other possibilities could include photographing in local areas in Washington DC area, VA & MD, National Parks in the Northern Rockies, SW among others.

Australia & New Zealand A traveler photographers paradise. This presentation covers summer time down under from Sydney, South Australia including Kangaroo Island, Tasmania and South Island NZ. 

AlaskaMaking the most of photography in Alaska with lower cost but while visiting some of the iconic sites for spectacular photography. Traveling by car, train and boat

Backyard Nature Photography - Learn new perspectives and techniques to photograph nature in your own backyard. Many of these techniques will work even if you live in a high rise.

Bird Photography - There is more to bird photography than just using a big telephoto lens. This program offers tips and techniques that will work for those with modest lenses as well as those with super lenses.

Bison, an American Legend - The use of photography tells the story of the natural history of the American Bison, the accounts that led up to the last 23 in the wild and how the American people brought about its successful come back.

Composition - Next to light, composition is the most important aspect of creating great images. Learn of some of the general guidelines, when to apply them and when to break these so called "rules".

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - Yellowstone as an ecosystem extends well beyond the boarders of the National Park. This photographic story explains how all organisms, especially wildlife, work together as a dynamic "living thing". 

Flower & Garden Photography - This presentation will help you create stunning photographs of flowers up close and personal. It will help one to see images that can be created at home, in the forest or in garden parks. Lots of great tips & techniques! 

Nature Photography - This general presentation covers all aspects of nature photography, from sunrises to geology and from wildlife to macro photography of insects and of course, scenic images as well.

Photography In Our National Parks - Maximize your photographic experiences in our National Parks considering research, seasons, times, revisiting, safety, and especially getting that one great iconic image from the perspective of a former ranger who is also a nature photographer.

Photography at Sunrise & SunsetShooting at sunrise/sunset is not just about the sun on the horizon. One should also consider other aspects such as weather conditions, wildlife, reflections and much more during these golden hours.

Photographing Yellowstone in the Summer - The "mecca" for all nature photographers. As a former ranger in Yellowstone for years get the inside view of where to go and how to get the best photographic opportunities in the most famous and worlds first national park.

Stories Behind the Images - Each award winning image has a story and images that led to the final selection. included are many from Natures Best Magazine,NANPA's Showcase and many others such as Wash Post, National and International publications.

Wildlife Photography - Good techniques are essential for photographing wildlife in the natural environment. "What lens should I use". "What exposure mode?.... and so much more is presented for maximizing your wildlife opportunities.