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Created 16-Feb-16
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Grand Geyser eruptions may reach 200 feet.Old Faithful Snow LodgeTaking a Break during snow coach ride.Wayne & Donna at Upper Geyser BasinRun off from Excelsior GeyserTraveling the RoadsThe only bar in the park; Mammoth Hotel.Winter GamesCooke City just outside Yellowstone's NE Entrance.Cooke City has one way out: into Yellowstone.Small stand of trees killed by runoff from a hot water spring that changed course.Thermophile Bacteria create a variety of colors. Colors are species dependent.Cold temperatures in January soon cool hot waters and are covered by snow.Melting spring waters soon become colorful icicles.Lamar Valley below.Mountains, clouds and snow along the road to Mammoth from Lamar Valley.A graceful tree over the colorful runoff waters a the Lower Geyser Basin.

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